Staff Augmentation

When you need additional talent to leverage alongside your existing resources, we have you covered. Our Account Executives will help you evaluate your current staff and determine what additional skills are required. We understand the need for dependable contract employees. Let us find the right people for your next big project. 

Professional Services

Let GDH Professional Services design and build your IT infrastructure, enterprise IT solutions, and custom applications. Our team leverages industry-leading best practices and project management methodologies to deliver the best technical solution for your IT environment. We have the experience, process and track record to make sure your technology needs match your business. 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

GDH RPO delivers customized recruiting solutions that deliver guaranteed bandwidth, delivering high-quality candidates without adding additional stress to your existing departments.  Our RPO team steps in to act as an extension of your existing HR / Talent Acquisition team.  We’re capable of fulfilling a variety of roles ranging from building a talent pool, to handling the interviewing and hiring process, or the entire lifecycle of recruitment.  

Direct Placement

The stakes are high when looking for a direct placement. You need to find a candidate who’s in it for the long haul and fits your company culture. Our recruiters can find, vet, and secure the talent you need.     


Information Technology

Our knowledgeable team has what it takes to deliver for positions ranging from CIOs down to helpdesk. GDH has the expertise necessary to both find talent, and further qualify individuals to ensure they fit your unique company culture. 


Our engineering expertise extends to oil & gas, alternative energy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, plastics, and more. We work in a wide range of engineering disciplines, and we're well aware that time is the most important asset. Having the right talent on your team can make a world of difference. 

Government Services

Our experience with both state and federal government allows us to diagnose potential challenges and help you proactively address them. Our proven experience includes successful projects with various departments and agencies delivering services ranging from end to end management to staff augmentation.