GDH Consulting offers expertise across multiple industries. Our dedicated, knowledgeable teams help clients find the talent they're searching for in the following areas. 

Information Technology

Whether you're looking for exceptional IT professionals for software or hardware projects, our Information and Technology division provides the workers you need. Call us when you have critical openings in established IT departments, or when you need to build your IT department from the ground up. Our consultants, as well as our project-based services, ensure your IT needs are met. 

Government Services

We understand the unique challenges of federal and state government and are dedicated to providing knowledegable, qualified teams of professionals in key disciplines. For Strategic Change Management, Information Technology and Business Management, rely on GDH Government Services' experience identifying problems and implementing solutions. 


Not only does our Engineering division deliver outstanding professionals to clients throughout the country, but we also provide scalable teams for specific projects. For projects within energy, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, oil and gas, R&D, civil and structural engineering, OEMs, and general manufacturing, our team has relationships with skilled engineers, technicians and designers already established. 

Professional Services

When you have IT projects that exceed the capabilities of your in-house resources, our Professional Services division is there to provide the talent, processes and technology necessary to achieve best in class results. Our capabilities include national hardware and software deployment, network architecture and design, communication and Cloud services, and much more.  GDH Professional Services consistently delivers successful solutions and demonstrable value for our clients.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

To reduce the costs associated with recruiting and deliver higher quality candidates without adding additional stress to your existing departments, our RPO team steps in to act as an extension of your existing HR Department. We're capable of fulfilling a variety of roles ranging from building a talent pool, to handling the interviewing and hiring process, or the entire lifecycle of recruitment. 

We deliver the people you need

We understand how difficult it can be to find qualified individuals to fill key positions. At GDH, we form relationships with your industry’s top talent. That way, we have established connections at the ready when you have positions to fill. We’re then able to qualify candidates and find those who will be the best fit for the position and your organization.

We’re interested in building partnerships with our clients in order to help you plan for upcoming needs and changes in the marketplace.

To find out more about how GDH makes finding perfect candidates easier, please enjoy this video.