GDH Difference

GDH is not a commodity driven staffing company. We’re a people driven staffing company.

We believe that blindly forwarding resume after resume to our clients is a fruitless endeavor.

Instead, we build trusting relationships with our candidates. We get to know them beyond their resumes. We learn about their individual skills and needs and match them with an opportunity they’ll thrive in.

Each of our candidates gets one on one time with our recruiters to build this relationship. We don’t just want to place them in a new position, we want to place them in the right position where their personality and skill set will be a fit.

This method sets up our candidates to succeed. They interview better because we put them in situations where they can be comfortable and confident. Then, once they’ve landed the position, they feel more contentment because they’re in a situation that suits them.

This practice has allowed us to build trusting relationships with our clients as well. Each of our clients understands that candidates we suggest will have the right skill set to make hiring managers look like heroes and finish projects promptly and correctly.

When our clients receive a candidate profile from us, they know that individual is fully vetted by a GDH recruiter. By building relationships with candidates, our recruiters can better match them to appropriate clients with applicable openings.

The GDH Difference is built on “excellence at the local level”. It’s the belief that each of our candidates represents us in their local workplace and in their local community. The way to achieve our goals is to put candidates in positions to succeed and support them every step of the way. When local recruiters take these steps to place and support candidates, the entire company benefits.

The job of our recruiters isn’t done when a candidate is hired. Through regular phone calls, meetings and even lunches, our goal is to give candidates a confidence and the support of the whole GDH team behind them.

We don’t consider our way of doing things special. We aren’t putting in ‘extra effort’. We do these things because it’s the right way and the only way to succeed in staffing.

If you agree, let us help you.