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7 Biggest IT Interview Busters Jun 22 , 2016

In an IT interview, always try to be specific and concise.

There are some things that will wreck an IT interview faster than you can say hello. This post will expose some interview busters that you might not expect. 1. Dressing inappropriately Yes, many jobs now allow employees to wear jeans and t-shirts to the office on…

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Top Talent Interview Techniques and Why You Should Copy Them Jun 15 , 2016

Top talent is just as likely to be evaluating the interviewers as they are to be evaluated.

Top talent typically has many opportunities for jobs. Interview opportunities are plentiful, and top talent may turn down as many interviews as they take (if not more). When top talent does interview, they often do so differently than other…

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6 Steps to Making It Past ATS to an Interview Jun 1 , 2016

The goal of any applicant is to get past ATS to the interview process.

ATS, or applicant tracking software, is designed to screen resumes for candidates that match the requirements for a given position. Too often, however, resumes don't make it through the ATS due to incorrect formatting or other errors that have nothing to do wit…

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Top IT Talent Job Search Techniques You Can Use May 25 , 2016

Looking for a job the way top talent does may lead to more opportunities.

Top IT talent rarely needs to actively job search, since job opportunities frequently present themselves. Because they have in-demand skills employers can't readily find, they can approach a job search differently than other candidates. Even so, there are so…

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Revealing Your Personality in an IT Job Search May 5 , 2016

Revealing your personality can give you the edge over other IT job candidates that all appear the same.

IT recruiters and hiring managers are looking for more than just technical skills and experience in their workers. Showing your personality in the resume and interview process can communicate your cultural fit to the hiring team…

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The Importance of Being Proactive in an IT Job Search Mar 29 , 2016

There is more to finding an IT job than clicking on job boards. Has your job search gone something like this? You find jobs on IT job boards and other websites, spend a lot of time applying for them, then wait for a response only to hear nothing from any of them. In many ways, a job search can be isolating and discouraging. You can fe…

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7 Ways to Manage IT Job Search Frustration Mar 17 , 2016

Job searches can be frustrating for many IT professionals.

IT job searches can be a major source of frustration. There's nothing like almost getting the job offer yet again to make you wonder if your searching days will ever come to an end. Every day is filled with dozens of decisions to agonize over: how to target your…

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Making Lemonade Out of Job Search Lemons Mar 9 , 2016

Part of a successful life is being able to make lemonade out of life's lemons.

When you have a bad experience during an IT job search, it can be frustrating and discouraging. Maybe you were the runner-up candidate for a job you really wanted, or you could tell from the first moment of an interview that the job wasn't going to be a…

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Finding an IT Job That Won't Bore You Mar 3 , 2016

Having a job you can be excited about is important for some IT professionals.

When conducting a job search, being qualified is only part of the equation. A company may want a particular candidate for a particular job, but does that candidate want a job that isn't challenging and will soon begin to feel monotonous? If you are …

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