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Top IT Talent Job Search Techniques You Can Use May 25 , 2016

Looking for a job the way top talent does may lead to more opportunities.

Top IT talent rarely needs to actively job search, since job opportunities frequently present themselves. Because they have in-demand skills employers can't readily find, they can approach a job search differently than other candidates. Even so, there are so…

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Keep Up with Competitors by Outsourcing Your Recruitment May 25 , 2016

Outsourcing recruitment helps companies strengthen their staffing. The second you turn your back on the competition, they advance and threaten to catch up with your company. It might happen in your product line, market share, or in your recruiting. So how do you stop your competition from getting ahead of you? Recruitment Process…

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Should IT Recruiters Recruit on College Campuses? May 18 , 2016

Recruiting efforts on college campuses are focused on relationships and offering opportunities.

Of course, most if not all IT recruiters have attended college and been trained in a variety of ways how to find the best IT job candidates for all kinds of IT positions. They may have been trained in the IT field themselves, or in huma…

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How IT Recruiters Market to Talent May 18 , 2016

Attracting top IT talent is an intensive process.

Recruiting is moving more and more toward using technology to identify, screen and even interview job candidates. Software systems can perform these tasks so much faster than humans can, and with fewer mistakes, that it only makes sense for companies to move in this direction. …

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5 Ways Recruitment Process Outsourcing Adds Value to Your Business May 12 , 2016

The hiring process is complex, with many steps that take significant time and expertise to navigate. Hiring requires both identifying and attracting candidates that have highly specialized skills as well as soft skills like team management and collaboration skills. Some companies are well equipped to handle all aspects of the hiring process …

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Avoiding Black Hole Recruiting Techniques May 12 , 2016

Many qualified IT resumes seem to fall into a black hole due to ATS systems.

Black hole recruiting relies heavily on applicant tracking software (ATS) to find candidates that fit the required skills quickly. The problem with black hole recruiting is that too many qualified IT candidates find their resumes falling into the ATS blac…

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Revealing Your Personality in an IT Job Search May 5 , 2016

Revealing your personality can give you the edge over other IT job candidates that all appear the same.

IT recruiters and hiring managers are looking for more than just technical skills and experience in their workers. Showing your personality in the resume and interview process can communicate your cultural fit to the hiring team…

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A Tale of Two IT Recruiters May 5 , 2016

Recruiters use different methods to fill open IT positions.

We've already established in a previous post that effective recruiting has elements of both art and science in it. Recruiting technology may rub some people the wrong way with its impersonality, but it isn't going anywhere because it is effective at narrowing down the can…

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