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How Advertising Language Can Make Your Resume Stand Out Apr 28 , 2016

Using Advertising techniques on your resume can make you stand out from the crowd.

The goal of sending or posting your resume is the same as the goal of advertising - to sell a commodity - yourself. Advertising has its own language and methods to make products attractive to consumers, and IT job seekers can use some of these metho…

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Personalization in the IT Recruiting Process Apr 28 , 2016

Attracting top candidates takes a personal touch.

IT recruiting becomes increasingly mechanized in recent years. Resumes are typically scanned by software programs to save time and energy. Onboarding and training are often automated to avoid having to repeat the process ad infinitum. Automation may work well for companies and allo…

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How to Be the Talent IT Recruiters are Seeking Apr 20 , 2016

A recruiter is looking for talent that stands out in a crowd.

One recent study about the recruiting process stated that the average time a recruiter spends looking at a resume when trying to fill a position is six seconds. In only six seconds, the typical recruiter has either flagged your resume for a closer look or decided that y…

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IT Recruiting: Art or Science? Apr 20 , 2016

IT recruiting may seem like nothing more than science, but there is more than meets the eye.

Recruiting is one of the many professions that take part in an age-old debate: Is it more of an art, or more of a science? The Science of Recruiting Those who say that recruiting is more of a science point to the use of applicant…

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How to Find IT Talent That Isn't Looking for You Apr 13 , 2016

Looking for IT talent is getting increasingly difficult.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find quality candidates for some IT jobs, especially positions that involve specialized skills and certifications that only a small number of people have obtained. The talent shortage in the IT field is only expected to get worse over…

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Hiring Fast vs. Hiring Well: Is it Possible to Do Both? Apr 13 , 2016

Interviewing too many candidates for an open position can slow down the process.

IT recruiters and hiring managers have two basic goals for their hiring processes: to hire fast and to hire well. Both of these goals are important to just about every company, although companies have differing views on which one of the two is more i…

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A Better Way to Use IT Job Boards Apr 7 , 2016

There is more than one way to use job boards when looking for a job.

Most IT job seekers use job boards as one resource when they look for jobs, either to see what kinds of jobs are out there or to search for a new job after losing theirs. Companies and recruiters post job openings on these job boards, and job seekers can post the…

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